Video for Small Business

Video is where your customers spend their time.  Your customers prefer watching video than reading your words!

You could make advertisements, branded entertainment, web series, video blogs, promotional videos... The list could go on. Create whatever style and format best reaches your customers.

Video is easily searchable. Consumers are looking for your products and services - Online Search being one of the more popular ways. Social Media can affect organic Google Search results as well as be an entry point to your website.

Video is already helping your competition. Many businesses may be escalating their video marketing programs - so who shouldn't you? If you haven't already, now is the time to get started with Video for your Business!

Video is shared frequently. It is a huge part of Social Media, and Social Media is a huge part of our lives. Get your product / service message out there in a beneficial and shareable way. This will mean more people will see your content and are more likely to link back to your website.

Video entertains, educates and inspires. Video is a great storyteller and if it's educational or beneficial to consumers, it will keep them glued to your site.

Video allows for real-time feedback and interaction. People love to comment on videos, and that's where you can learn more about your consumers. Understanding their feedback and needs can help you create comments and response videos. This will further engage your audience and show them you're interested and willing to help.

Video is measurable. You can use analytics to measure how successful your videos are. Measurement can help you to determine which videos and surrounding Social Media activities are leading to increased sales and moving your marketing in the right direction.

Video is cost-effective. They stay online forever, reducing your overall per-unit spending over time. You may consider an initial media purchase or video seeding to promote your video. Unlike TV ads which get taken down, video content stays online.

Video is mobile. People often take videos with their phones and watch them back because they're interested in a certain topic (or just entertaining themselves). With mobile video you have the potential to be in people's hands. They will understand everything about what you offer, and are one click away from buying your products.

Video is about selling. Don't waste your client's time by producing videos that are boring or vague. If you do, they probably won't get shared or connect viewers to the product / service. Videos should revolve around clear objectives and 'Call to Action's'. This will create an environment where consumers know what they're supposed to buy and can easily purchase it.

Video is one click away from the 'Buy' button. You can add direct links in video descriptions, surrounding text, banners or overlays on your video that let viewers click to link them directly to your site. This will save them time, meaning they'll be more likely to invest their time and money on your services and products.

Video can convey a personal insight to your business. This makes your audience feel as though they know the staff and the culture. This will help to create business loyalty among your clients, which in turn can help customer retention. Allowing your business to become more personable can give consumers a sense of familiarity.

With Video, you get a better visitor engagement. When someone visits your website, video is an exciting and time-efficient way of communicating with them. Watching and listening to well-produced video content is more engaging that reading pages of text. It also requires a lot less effort. Most people also remember information which is conveyed in an audio/visual format better than information they read.

Many website owners who currently use Video Marketing often find that adding video increased return visits to their website, especially if they're adding videos regularly.

Websites which incorporate Video score a lot more points with Search Engines like Google, giving you a big boost over your competitors who aren't yet involved.

YouTube is owned by Google therefore websites with links to a YouTube video will be instantly valued by Google. This means you'll be ranked higher in the Search Engine and therefore get your content seen by more people.

Visit our Direct2Print YouTube page for ideas on your business videos.

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