Social Media for Small Business...

For a business to be successful today it's essential that you have an online strategy.

Getting a WordPress website from our Direct2Website service is just the start.

An attractive website can make your business look ultra- professional. But a great website may still be hidden because there has been no investment in the most basic online marketing. There are literally millions of websites competing in the online marketplace and unless you pay serious attention to promoting your website it will just be lost in the crowd.

The first thing a customer will do when trying to find out about your business is search online for it. And Google rates your business by many combinations of measures– including how well it has been optimised for mobile users, the content and quality of the links.

The frequency of updating the Social Media helps with all these principal criteria when “measuring the pulse” of a website. Over a period of time will reward your efforts and push your site up the page rankings. In other words regular social media activity shows that your website is“live” and is likely to appeal to a potential audience.

For the local tradesmen or small business, this offers enormous potential. However, social media is time-consuming and is difficult to understand without the basic training and experience. According to a recent survey of 1000 small businesses in the UK owners spend an average of between 6 and 10 hours marketing their companies on social media. Almost two-thirds said there was no evidence that their efforts were having a positive effect.

Your social media channels should link back to your website as much as they can and you should communicate daily with your audience.

This will help drive traffic to your site and is another way of creating new sales and business leads.​

Social media

Direct2Website will offer a Social Media package tailored to your budget that will help you get noticed online. Select an ongoing programme and this amount is simply added to your hosting and support monthly fee.

They are ideal for start-ups, sole traders and small businesses that are unable to justify the high agency costs or limitations of GoogleAdWords or other pay-per-click campaigns.

We will help to boost your business profile with regular postings, articles, blogs and campaigns without spending a fortune.

We don’t just want to provide you with a website – we want to generate a higher level of quality traffic to your website.